FormWork area

I am trying to calculate the form work area for the element(RIBS) shown below, i tried to use the method of projecting the vector along z axis and filtering the surfaces to be subtracted from the area calculation. But the main from is the model isn’t always oriented in one direction. Please guide me in the right direction.
Thanks in Advance!

Maybe take a look here and see if you can get any hints.

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Thanks @SeanP.

Just to add to this, in a few weeks’ time I’m doing this in Rhino Inside. It’s the above workflow but on steroids. Infinitely faster and more reliable than the ASM limitations in Dynamo. I almost never use Dynamo for heavy geometric exercises these days, it just can’t hack it like Rhino can (sorry devs, I love it for data management still though - it is still my bae in that regard).

The script is already on github as well as the sample models if you search hard enough:

Not sure if you’re the person I discuss formwork with on Twitter (Joker), you have a similar username so I’m guessing so… if so, man you’re everywhere haha!

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Thanks @seanp . I’ll go through this.

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@GavinCrump Wow this is amazing. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work .cheers!