Perforated skin

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I’m new to dynamo so apologies if this seems a little rudimentary. I’m trying to make a perforated skin facade with varying radii. The radii are based on the distance from a curve on the surface. I think I have over complicated this script as the file crashes when I try to cut the surface with the circles. If someone could take a look at it and provide any insight/tips to what can be done to improve the performance of it that would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You will need to use Surface.TrimWithEdgeLoops

  2. Circles don’t work as trimming profiles, you’ll need to split the circle into two arcs.

Refer to this discussion…

Thank you that seemed to have worked out! Any recommendations on importing the surface into Revit? I’ve tried the ImportInstance.ByGeometry and Geometries. I also tried creating a SAT file and importing it but my Revit file freezes on import. Does the surface need to be thickened before I import?


I tried ImportInstance.ByGeometry in the file from your original post and it worked well.


perforated skin.rvt