Analytical floor shape


I’ve created a floor slab by points using Floor.SlabShapeByPoints. My issue is that analytical floor geometry doesn’t match with revit geometry of the slab. The analytical floor still has geometry based on the sketch the floor slab was created with. Is there way to fix that issue using Dynamo?
I’ve come to a solution that instead of running Floor.SlabShapeByPoints node I can manually add a diagonal-ish slope in the floor sketch in Revit which brings regular and analytical geometry together to the same place. But I have 36 floor slabs all with different geometry. It is tedious to modify all of hem manually every time I decide to change the slabs’ geometry.

Hi @DGarin
Did you solve your problem?

I’ve solved that:
It is possible to align an analytical floor with a reference plane. I couldn’t do that directly in my case because my 4-point floor slab is non planar. I had to split a 4 point analytical floor into two 3-point triangular analytical floors and project them to related reference planes.

I also provide a python script where I used a 3 point reference plane method.
Eventually I got a set of non structural non planar 4-point slabs and a set of triangular analytical floor slabs.


Thank you so much @DGarin !!
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Hi @DGarin,
I’m trying to use the Phyton script you provided me, but it gives me an error ( ‘Point’ object is unsubscriptable ) in line 33.
Do you know what I do wrong?


Hi Valentina,
You must check you input data. You should have equal length lists of points.
Otherwise you have to modify the script for your case.


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Hi @DGarin :slight_smile:
Do you know why, even if I feed the Python node with the correct inputs (I suppose they are :sweat_smile: ), the output is an empty list?