Analytical Beams - Releases

Hi guys,

I dont get it why I cant set this parameters. They should be simply Booleans?

But whatever I give them it doesnt change anything:

When I give true, it cries I should give an integer:

But if I give an Integer it doesnt change anything either:

What am I missing?
Thanks for your help!


Hi Josef,

This is because the analytical beams have two parameters called “Start Fx”. One for forces and one for relaeases. Dynamo picks one of them randomly. You can set the parameter value with the builtin parameter called STRUCTURAL_START_RELEASE_FX. Archilab and other packages have nodes for that.

Hi Einar,

thanks for your apply.

I tried this out but it seems not to work…:

Hi! I did a quick test with the Archi-lab nodes, and got it to work like this:

Had to modify the node a little bit to get the lacing right: (removed []..[] from inputs)

Thanks it worked! :slight_smile:

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