Revit Element's position along analytical line

Hi everyone,

I would like to create beams with the analytical line at the center of the beam.
When I use beam by curve in Dynamo, the default setting for the position of the beam is “high”.
Any idea?


See my beams


Element.SetParameterByName maybe?

Yes Indeed, thanks ! Do you know how to use it?
See below what I’ve tried :

The error message is that the parameter is not a string, however I’m using the block “string” for the value entry

To understand you question correctly,
Do you want your beams to stay where they are now (Top level of beam) and just make your analytical line in the center? or
You want your beams Top levels to shift such that the curve inputs you have used to create are the Analytical position?

Second option ! :slight_smile:
That’s why I’m trying to change the parameters “Justification Y” and “Justification Z” from High to Center .

z Justification is a list of defined values so u have to give the index of the list to choose the value.
Try this

I just figured that out, it works, thank you very much !