Analyse geometry/elements with Dynamo


I’m trying to create some sort of fall hazard prevention with BIM, and in this case I have a model created in Revit and I would like to know if Dynamo allows me to analyse the floor/slabs and report/list if there are openings in it to create after some kind of a critical parameter.

Thank you

The following definition will provide you with the edges of floor boundaries and openings (provided they aren’t circular).

You should be able to use this to proceed with your analysis.

File: FloorEdges.dyn


Thank you, it does what I wanted.

Any special reason to not show the circular openings?


As of now, the definition requires at least 3 edges for any loop.

I’ll see if I can alter it to be more accommodating.

Hello Flavio. I’m doing research for a school project to detect and highlight (+ generate protection) in case of falling hazard. How did it work out for you? I just started this project 3 weeks ago.
Thank you in advance.