All elements of category in active view

Morning from NZ all. I’m either having a brain fart or I’m still just an idiot at dynamo. Made a script to rename some areas but i only want to rename the areas in the active view window. I cant seem to figure out how to do that right now though. Any help?

damn thought this would have worked

works for me just fine:

Make sure you got a proper view. I recommend using the OOTB nodes instead of Clockwork for this.

Thanks @Konrad_K_Sobon. Do you know how i get it to work for a Area Plan view?

well you are trying to grab it from a view that is not supported. Dynamo doesn’t wrap Area Plans yet. It looks like you will need to implement a custom solution.

So back to my point, Select.ByCategoryAndView is working fine.


damn thats a shame. Feel like its a little doge but just did this


Try the nodes from springs for now:

I suggest you make a wish item on GitHub if you’d like to see area views being supported out of the box

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