Find and replace names of all views

I am able to run this script on viewplans, however when I switch categories to views which is what I want, i get the following errors.

Try remove nulls or flatten list

lots of thing are views, try to shorten your input list, try View.GetByType from archilab

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I am extremely new to dynamo, and am not sure exactly where either of those nodes need to be used at? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! I have them both, but don’t know where to place them in the script.

I am not at a computer that has Revit on it.
but you can start by reading the Dynamo Primer here
Monday when i am at work i can guide you some more.

The node View.GetByType has to be where you have your input list, so at the very left of your graph.

install package archilab
go to packages (left up side)
go to search for a package
and search for archilab and install archilab

top one is with only OOTB nodes (no archilab needed)

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I have been playing around with some of the suggestions, and i was able to get all the view types in the script I need, however the replace node is behaving a bit odd with dependent views.



it could have been with other views as wel.
try this (the bottom one) graph
that should work

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Awesome, that did it! Thank you so much!

Youre welcome
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