All Elements at Level doesn't select new elements

I’m working on a small script, which temporary isolates all elements on a selected level on the active view:

My problem is, All Elements at Level node doesn’t select all elements at the selected level. It seems that “newer” elements are not selected.

If I add new walls to the level, they are also not selected.

The main question is, how All Elements at Level node works? Why new elements are not selected, what should I do to select recently added elements. Closing and opening Dynamo and Revit doesn’t help. What am I missing?

I’m sure the bug is in All Elements at Level node, not in the Temporary Hide node. I checked, there are no bindings in the Dyn file.

Revit 2020.2.1, Dynamo 2.3.0

TemporaryIsolateLevel-DP.dyn (26.8 KB)