Issue with Steamnodes' `Element.SelectInView` node

I’ve been having some trouble with the Element.SelectInView node from the Steamnodes package.
I created a graph with which you can select all elements of a family on a specific floor. It seems to work perfectly fine,when selecting all elements of a family on a floor and deleting them, everything works fine, however, when reloading the Revit file all these elements are gone on every floor. I can not figure out why this is happening, specifically as it only does so on a reload, so it is triggering something within Revit that will cause it to delete these elements on a reload.
It might have something to do with my Dynamo version (it does ask for a higher version), but, I can’t get version 1.0 or anything higher installed for some reason:

I hope anyone has any clue what is happening.

Hi @PauLtus

Can you post image of your graph here?


There’s quite a part of it that you can simply ignore (namely the “knipvormen” part).
The weird thing is that it seems to work completely as it should until you reload it.

I’m guessing no one still has any idea.

The node doesn’t explicitly invoke the element wrapper and thus Dynamo is automatically and incorrectly wrapping the returned elements as Dynamo owned and I guess deleting them when you close Dynamo. Try the “Springs.SelectInRevit” node and see if you observe the same behavior.


Thanks a lot for offering an alternative, it will take a while before I can tell you whether it solved it.
I’m very happy to know that someone actually has an idea why this might happen.