Select one element per parameter per level

Hi im new in Dynamo and i need help with this problem,
I want to select elements by parameter associated with a level, in the first step I go well, I can select by parameter and value but then I don’t know how to filter by level

There are many different nodes for getting the Level from an element, including the standard GetParameterValueByName. The tricky part is that Level can be associated with an element in multiple ways. It’s not as easy as one parameter for all your elements. That’s why I’d recommend looking for a custom node that handles all options. I’m pretty sure there’s one in one of the common custom packages, I just cant remember which off the top of my head.

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thanks Nick!

This is indeed an interesting topic which, like @Nick is saying, can be more difficult than expected.

Though, if you know a bit about how to work with the Revit API is very easy to fix because of a property that all the elements have: Element.LevelId. This way you can extract the level from all the elements, no matter their categery.

I’m in the process of building a dynamo package with the intention of creating more connections with other professionals, this node fits your need and has just been inspired by this post, Thanks! :slight_smile:

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thanks Giuseppe! I look forward to more news about your work!

hi Giuseppe, How would you use this node to make the selection by level and parameter value?

@i.soler try using this node, hope it serves ur need…

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