Aligning Dimension Text

Good Afternoon
I’m pretty new to Dynamo and don’t have a coding background so go easy on me.

I’ve been using Revit for the last 7 years and have been wanting to be able to align the dimension text within dimensions automatically for a long time as it make the end drawing look a lot neater.!

I managed to produce a script to be able to do this, but I’ve found that its a guessing game on which one to use.
I’ve managed to get it so it questions the coordinates of the text itself and the align to the dimension I’m wanting to align to.

The first problem is that i have to run 3 different scripts hoping its the correct one for that orientation. Ive attached one image of the X script, the Y and Z are the same just nodes swapped around, see attached image Align%20Dimension%20X

I’m wanting to be able to run just one script that questions the 3 scripts and automatically aligns the text on the dimensions

The second problem I’m having is being able to do this for multiple dimensions at once rather than one at a time.

Have I used the correct way of doing this or is there another way?

Can anyone help
Thanks in advance

Here is what im trying to produce (as a new user to the forum i could only upload 1 image)

Hi RoadieDesigns,

There is another way to do this which works for all cases, even slanted Dimensions :smiley:
You can also use this for multiple dimensions at ones :smiley: :smiley:

ALignDimension.dyn (12.3 KB)

Good Morning @Joelmick,

I have downloaded your script however it does not allow me to select any dimensions within Revit.

Am I missing something?

Many Thanks,


Maybe you are still in a command within revit?

Hit escape within revit a few time.
Select the Dimensions using Dynamo
and Run!

Be aware these Select Model Element (SINGLE) nodes. Don’t drag select dimensions

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Hi @Joelmick,

My apologies I am extremely new to Dynamo and have a very limited understanding. When I play the file in the dynamo player It says" theyre are no inputs to edit" and if I try to edit the script I get the below errors:


Really Appreciate your responses,


Aah okay, no worries Scott.

I have not made this script Dynamo Player Ready. You can do this by opening the script and right click the Select Model Element nodes and Mark the As Input. If you now save the file and reload the graph in the Dynamo Player, the inputs will be there.

Also, you do not have the package Rhythm yet. You can get Rhythm by opening the Graph. Go to the Package manager and search for Rhythm. I used 3 nodes from this package, so you need the package to make the script work.

If there are still things you have questions about, please let me know!

Hi @Joelmick,

I downloaded the Rhythm package but the nodes in the script are still marked as “Unresolved”. I am using R20. Do i need to use a different version?



Please search for the Following Nodes and Replace the Unresolved ones:


This is quite an old thread, maybe the Nodes have changed over the course of it?
Might be that @john_pierson can help out since he maintains the Rhythm package.

What input is required for ‘Dimension to Set’?

Hi all,

Has this been resolved? I have never used dynamo, but the text alignment issue is incredibly frustrating and I would be very happy to invest a bit of time in remedying it.