Align family thrugh path

hello, i want to align 2 adaptive component family through path it worked very fine by this script in my first task but in the second one where the curve is different this problem appeared where the segments are deviated from one another not continually aligned

this is the deviation

this is the aligned part

Hi @mahmoud.ayman

To add adaptive family to the path you need to defined the adaptive point ant Z global and xy plane (seting of adaptive family the) then add referance point hosted by adaptive family to defiend xy plane as a parameter for each referance point.


to claculate XY angle for each face use the below node from BrimMohareb_2023

hello, thanks for replying me actually i have made the 2 adaptive component family with the notes you said in the last comment but it is still doing the same and i don’t know how to get the node from brimmohareb_2023 is it a website for custom nodes

Can you send the family and the revit file have the polyline? And i will create dynamo script for you

new users can’t upload attachments :smiley:

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Add it to the Google drive and send the link. Or send it by email

i have send it to your email thanks for your support

i have modified the script better results but same issue at certain place on the curve

Personally,I think use dynamo to generate curve rather than select revit model lines could be better.also nurbs curve will perform better than polycurves when doing in this scenario,here‘s my recently uploaded video.

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