Align Family to 3d Curve... Again

I am trying to place a family along an Autocad import. It seems like it will kinda work on some curves but not others. The ones that kinda work will align in X and Y, not Z. The goal is to place all families aligned to the autocad curve.

I have been through a few of these forums:

It appears I am still missing something. Thanks in advance.

I have done this with segmental tunnel models i.e where you place a precast rings along a path.

The workflow is:

  • divide the path e.g 3D polyline at required distances

  • export the coordinates of the points using ACAD data extraction tools or Civil3D *

  • feed in the coordinates to Dynamo Revit- as Vikram says using a 2 point adaptive family

  • Civil3D is better than vanilla CAD for dealing with points- particularly exporting data and working with coordinate systems


Thanks for the post Andrew. I will give that a try. I initially wanted to stay away from an adaptive family, but it might be easier.

I also received a Rhino file of the same curves. I may try and create one rhino file for each curve, then import. I have seen a few posts on this as well.

Thanks again,

@Mitch_Condie Try replacing Vector.AngleWithVector with Vector.AngleAboutAxis

In the example below, doing so solves the issue.

alignToCurve.dyn (31.0 KB)