Associate adaptive Family to Reference points


I have been attempting to automatically join an adaptive family created in Revit to a list of points given in a text file and converted to a series of reference points in the Dynamo environment.

Currently I can create the reference and load them into Revit. Once in Revit I manually click on each point (four in total) to associate my four-point adaptive family. (tedious)

My goal is to make this an automatic process where I bring in the adaptive family and have a script such that the points are then associated to the list of points given. i.e. Points in adaptive family (f1, f2, f3, f4) are linked to the points in my list (p1, p2, p3, p4) then the next series of points starting with (p2, p5, p6, p3) then (p5, p7, p8, p6) and so on.

Is something like this possible? Is there a node that exists for something like this?

All help is appreciated, thank you.

Hi @benpkoch
As you probably know this is what we get as nodes for placing adaptive components:
Adaptive component by points just sets the points location, so actually the component is not hosted to anything, it just sits on the given locations.
AdaptiveComponent.ByParametersOnFace hosts the adaptive components to a Revit surface.
AdaptiveComponent.ByParametersOnCurveReference hosts the components to a curve
And now to your question. My bet is it is possible with the API.
Look at this old topic here:

You can set the adaptive points reference, so I guess(but I’m not sure )that you can use your existing reference points for that.
Though I think hosting them on a curve or a surface is a better option.