Place family along curve






I’m having problem fitting my adaptive family along a curve, my problem is to get the Generic Model to be placed in revit, like it is fitting i Dynamo.

The model is showing up in refit, but its not a Generic Model.

Is it possible to make the adaptive point, adjusting to any given coordinate-system?











If it is an adaptive component, I would make it a 2 point AC and specify the two points using Dynamo.

Instead of a one point AC, something like this using a generic model family might work…



Hi, I’m sorry to return to this problem again. But I have tried to do the same and I have found some surprises.
Some of my families do not respond to the correct address. What is this about?
It is a simple Revit model, a bank.
On the other hand, what is that of turning it into “CA”?

I also found some doubts that I do not understand.
Why if I use a “Slider” in a Code Block does not work? As also an Element.Curves in must of “CurveElements.Curve”. What difference there are?


I appreciate your help. Goodnight.

Thanks for the help in what I was trying to do.

I modified the above and this Referring Post for a simple script to place a family at equal distances along a curve/spline.