Basics - wall filtering

good, finally I create a topic (got the ‘are you sure you want to do this’-error message :confused: ) So, about me: lots of Revit experience, 0 dynamo. Looks pretty sweet, so doing some research. Basicly I bump into a few things: 1. how to ‘read’ the visual code. I can write and read php, but this requires a different way of thinking / approach. I see snippets of python and snippets of visual programming. How do I know that what I want to achieve is done with python coding or only dynamo ? 2. how do I get the hang of finding all the nodes? I find myself clicking all the tabs each time. (zzzz) . how is the setup of a decent run? (so 'error’s are dealt with etc … so basicly lots of ‘if’ constructions?) Example: to test dynamo I want to create a ‘script’ that joins my walls (no more lines in my elevations). My current way of thinking (with a topic seen on this forum) - in dynamo get walls category - select the elements - select the geometry of those elements - check if they touch eachother (they don’t intersect) - if so: join the two walls, else skip - done. How do you guys approach for example above? Googling? help file reading? forum? Looking forward to understand dynamo, so your advice / suggestions are greatly appreciated. 3Pinter








So sharing my progress.

I’m trying to create a check if walls intersect, if so: join. Removing the whole check auto joins everything.

The only thing I found was Geometry.DoeIntersect but that’s a single object while I’m using a list. That’s not gonna work obviously. Is creating a ‘for each’-loop something you do in python or dynamo only?

(PS: the Join Geometry is a custom node from ‘Hot Gear’).

Hmmm I’m trying to select all wall of a certain type. Revit > selection > wall types node but this node doesn’t let me connect it to ‘select by type’ node, nor family node are anything. Why? Surely I’m missing something here?