Advance tutorials

Hi guys,

What happened with the advance tutorials?

I cannot see them, am I the only one having this issue?

Hello @LauraJCC …and welcome…Which tutorials are you talking about ?. Think the best tutorial is this forum itself. Where some of the best users from all over the world share tips and trick…

Edit…aha you probably mean this one from Sol and Jacob ??


I’ve been told mine are pretty tricky if you’re not familiar with my channel. Having said that I’d be keen to see others producing advanced tutorials if they were doing so before too!


Dont think your videos are tricky ;)…its worldclass :wink:

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Hi @sovitek the advance tutorials I talk about are the ones in the website inside the learn segment.

I know that this Forum is super useful, I always come here when I have a doubt but I also acknowledge that the tutorials are great and wanted to finish them as I already started them.

Thanks for your reply

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ahhhh I see :wink:

Hi @GavinCrump , thanks for commenting.
You are a super star in the BIM world, of course I have check your channel too. I just wanted to finish the reviewing the content from the dynamo website.
Thanks again, your videos have helped me on my dynamo learning path!

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No problems, good idea to follow the official resources first - I always guide people to the Primer before my own content so good approach :slight_smile:

Glad to hear I’ve been able to help indirectly via my content as always!

FYI @solamour

Hello @LauraJCC - The Advance Tutorials you have linked above are currently only for the Dynamo 1.X series :frowning:

We have plans in the future to update our documentation content holistically (Dynamo Primer, Videos etc.), but that is waiting on a bit of work we are doing right now that is improving the UI and Nodal landscape.

In the short-term, there are many awesome resources out there as noted in the thread above!

Please do have a go at the as this is the most up-to-date of our official content.

You can also check out any other links above - it is all good stuff.

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@solamour thank you very much for letting me know!

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You are most welcome! The 1.X Advance Tutorial Videos are still great… but do require some mental mapping of nodes as things have changed. The spirit of the workflows still stack up!