Dynamo Tutorials

I’m learning Dynamo and have been going through the tutorials on the website. Is it just me or are these videos difficult to work through?? The audio is so quiet it can only be heard through headphones (especially the advanced tutorials). The tutorials are run through so quickly, you are barely able to understand what is going on. Plus the dataset files have been created in Revit 2016 so the 2015 version is useless.

I’m just wondering if this has been done on purpose because they are free tutorials. Is one of the objectives is to get people to pay for lessons from somewhere else? Does anyone know of some beginner tutorials for people who do not necessarily speak c++ as their first language?


Hi @CBarrott,

You can also watch free tutorials on Autodesk Screencast Search | Autodesk

You can download the tutorials and use one of the video players to slow down the speed.

If your looking for Revit 2015 tutorials you can filter videos by date.

Good Luck!

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Dear @CBarrott
I really would like to suggest you these tutorials: http://learndynamo.com/
I would suggest to you to start learning Python 2.7 or If you want to learn C++ start looking for Zero Touch and Githun maybe you could find something really usefull

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I would suggest https://primer.dynamobim.org/ as a great website to start off with Dynamo. They have detailed out every tool and you will have a good understanding of Dynamo by the end of it.