Where do i find Dynamo Introductory videos training files?

Hi Guys,

I am a new user to Dynamo . I have been following up with the Introductory videos on Dynamo webpage.
Just i am looking to find Dynamo Introductory videos Training Files ?
Any help is appreciated .

I’m not sure which video’s you’re talking about.

But if you want to practice with Dynamo I’d advice following: http://dynamoprimer.com/en/01_Introduction/1_introduction.html

As @PauLtus pointed out, the dynamo primer is the way to go.

Thank you PauLtus and Jacob for your help.

But actually i am looking for the training files for the video tutorials on the Dynamo website .
Please refer link : http://dynamobim.org/learn/
In this scroll to tutorials section to find the videos.
Also find attached images for your referance :

In the tutorial PARAMETRIC ASSEMBLY PART 1 , the tutor loads family from tutorial files.
I am llooking for these training files.


https://academy.autodesk.com/curriculum/bim-computational-design or http://www.dynamobim.org/wp-content/links/Introductory_Datasets_092.zip

Hi Der_Jon,
Thanks a ton. Just what i was looking for .
Just i am also looking for the advanced tutorial Training files

Try this:

Hi Jacob,

Found what i needed .
Thank you for all your help !