Adopted Code Script

I am creating a key schedule using the attached script and an excel file. The script works fine but I would like to be able to utilize a pull down list of the sheets in the excel file to allow users to bring in that jurisdictions data (or better yet get the project address from the revit project information parameter so the user just runs the script and it reads the data and imports only that sheets data). When I hook up the 2 nodes that gather the sheet list to create the list it only shows the first 2 sheets? So I am stuck. Thoughts

Can you show a preview of the GetExcelFileInfo node? If you’re not getting all the worksheets in the file there might be something wrong with thee excel file itself.

Its a very simple excel file with tabs for jurisdictions.

@agray Please share your dyn and Excel file

ADOPTED CODES.xlsx (16.6 KB)


I have the list option working. Now I just need to pull the project location from the sheet title parameter.

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