GetItematIndex - Select range of data Excel to Revit

I am stuck. I am also a new to dynamo. currently working on excel to revit / revit excel. I was earlier successful with pushing a sheet list from Revit into an excel drawing transmittal. Now i am attempting the reverse.
I discovered though that what you see below, grabs all the data, dumping a lot of stuff such as titles, revisions, who i am sending it to etc etc, things I don’t need.
In this list, list 1, items 19-31 is the actual sheet list that I would like.

So I have two questions

  1. I think i know that i have to use the GetItematIndex node, but am unsure how to write what i need in a noteblock to connect to it to select the above. I am reading lots on lists but can’t seem to get it working.
  2. Can i skip 1 by just creating a series of nodes that pull nominated cells in excel to begin with? Thank you in advance for any assistance!

hmm, ok I found that I can write a noteblock like x[1][19], which selects an item, BUT this didn’t work and, even if it did, its not a range, just a single item. …and the reading continues! :slight_smile:

I did it! Yay! haha

Ok, so, question 2 still stands though and if anyone has comment as to how i can do the below better when selecting items, that would also be appreciated!