Adding "Base Level" and "Top Level" of column to a tag

Hi All,

I’d like to add the Base Level and Top Level to a column tag so that we get something like “UKC203x203x46 (GROUND FLOOR - RIDGE LEVEL)”

The attached image is my first attempt at achieving this, but I fear I may be some way off. I’ve tried to follow guidance from other posts to do the following…

  1. Add shared parameters "Column Base Level " & “Column Top Level” to each column
  2. Use Dynamo to extract the Base Level and Top Level shown under “Constraints”
  3. Publish the text to the shared Parameter
  4. Add the shared parameter to my column tags

I hope the above is clear. I should add that I’m very new to Dynamo and it is giving me a brand new appreciation for how my Dad must have felt when people moved on from VHS to DVD players.

Any advice or guidance gratefully received.

Many thanks


Welcome @r.chapman
The get parameter function is returning the level as an element and not the name of the level. Just use Element.Name to get the name of the level and then feed that into the value of the set parameter node.

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Fantastic, that has worked perfectly and absolutely made my day. Thank you!

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