New structural column parameter for base & top level tag

Hi, First post here, We are after tagging columns with a tag that can show type and column level. Have searched and asked for it using typical Revit families etc.
There does not seem to be a parameter in the structural column tag for base and top level, but there is on for base offset and top offset.
Can dynamo be used to add this as a parameter to column tag?
So for example will have UC 203x203x46 and under level 01-04 etc.



Welcome to the forum @lee1980

You can do this by creating a shared project parameter by adding it to your shared parameter file.
Set it to the category of the columns as an instance parameter.
Now make a script that reads the level and writes it to your new parameter.
Make the tag and add the shared parameter there aswell (use label)
The tag will show the copied value in your project.

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Thanks Marcel, will have ago as not created shared parameters before either!