Extracting Level data in revit

Hi all

I am new to Dynamo. I wanted to extract the level information in revit in a project environment and use it as a parameter for the column to display in a Tag. I heard it is possible in Dynamo. Can you give me an idea.??

Hi Rooney,

Welcome to the world of Dynamo. First you need to create shared parameter (for e.g: Column Level) add it in your Tag and then add shared parameter to your project parameter and follow the graph below. Good Luck!

Hi KulKul,

Thanks for the input. I tried doing it but in my version I want the T.O.C shared parameter to return the respective level elevation value. After get.parameter how do we choose to output what information we require. In your provided input, you have extracted only the level, what if I wanted to do the elevation and output a number?

Please see the image below. Thank you once again!My starting steps in the Dynamo world :slight_smile:


I got it working. I used the Level.Elevation node. it works awesome.

@Kulkul: Thank you so much for the element.name node I was missing

I am also trying to use the elevation that is provided in the “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node. Can someone assist me with that?

Thank you in advance