Add specific coefficient duct tap round to rectangular exhaust system!

Hi, Revit does not want to calculate the loss pressure of duct tap round to rectangular with exhaust system. So I would like to go over and calculate with a coefficient specific this duct fitting .
I looking for to make same thing that :
thanks for your help

Can you show the graph of your Dynamo-work? :slight_smile:

HI, Sorry , but I did not do anything for the moment , I looking for a way !

Okay - you could start with the MEPover package, you can download for your Dynamo Library. :slight_smile:
A start could be something as getting the whole system - select model elements or with some kind of filter depended on the system, you need to check on :slight_smile:

OK, thanks , I’m going to start something or reuse something existing, this week. And I’ll be back show the graph . .

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Good idea, or you can post the process of your work if you need any ideas or comments.
Good luck! :slight_smile: