Round duct selection

Hi everybody,

I looked for a solution but couldn’t find anything.

What I want to do looks simple : I just would like to select only round duct or rectangular duct.

But I can’t find a way to do those kind of selection.

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If we’re talking selecting a specific duct there’s the select model element node.
Otherwise I’m not quite sure what you mean.

Please show us your work you’ve done so far.

Hi @arthurito

Here is one of the possible way to get round duct:

Then, within Revit, is there a parameter or something that tells us one is round and the other isn’t?


There’s always the Family.ByName node…

If it is not the name, look here:


It seems like an entirely different family as far as I can see.

Hi thanks for all answers,

I think the filter solution could work i’ll try this in a bit.

Otherwise, what I want to do is place an empty family when a duct and a wall intersect each other. And so I have to change my empty family if the duct is round or rectangular.

So I right now my prog but both my family (rectangular and round one) for all duct. So I want to have to selection set one with rectangular and one with round duct so I can put the good family to each one.

And I tried the Family.Byname node but he can’t find round duct. Same for Family type, it can’t access to round duct type.


Couldn’t you just filter the list of ducts in the project by whether the Diameter parameter exists? Rectangular ducts don’t have a Diameter parameter.

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Hi All,

There is a YouTube to sort ducts by shapes (Round and Rectangular)
Dynamo - Sort Ducts by Shape

Hope this is helpful!