Duct & Duct fittings pressure loss

Is there way to calculate Duct & fitting pressure loss. with dynamo. My systems are not correct in the revit and disconnected here and there.

Dynamo can pick up the parameters from the duct system, but those will not be correct if your system is disconnected in Revit. Your options would be:

  • Model a fully connected and functional duct system in Revit first. At that point you may as well use Revit’s native duct pressure loss report…

  • Try to get Dynamo to interpret air terminal + duct relationships based on position to overcome the system disconnects, but now you’re essentially rebuilding the static pressure logic from the ground up.

If this is for a single project, I would advise fixing the root issue in Revit first as anything else is a fairly large time sink. You would need a lot of projects (which similar disconnected issues) to justify the research time, but at this point I would be suggesting a review of in-house standards (if your company produced the model), or consultant expectations/relationships (if this is sourced from outside the company).

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