Add Multiple Shared Parameters from TXT File - Orchid Package

Hello All, especially Erfajo :slight_smile:

I have created now a Script for adding shared Parameters to my Families. Therefore i have 2 User Interfaces that are shown in the Pictrue where the User has to select the folder of the families, the Shared parameter file and after processing this information also the Parameters by name that the user wants to add.
With this Name i search for the Parameter Type in the text File that this is automatically selected and noone can make a mistake. This works quite fine as you can see in the yellow marked areas.

By adding them now in the Families with the FamilyDocument,AddSharedParameter something strage happens. It creates all parameters that i selected (in this case 9) with the Parameter Type Area except the Weight which is a Number. This one is correct, but all others that are not Area are also added with type area and i dont know why.
Do you have any idea why this happens?


You can only add to one type at the time, so all parameters of type โ€œlengthโ€ can be added as a list, then set another node adding shared parameter with the type โ€œareaโ€ in a chain after the fist SP parameter node.
if you see the input port, you would notice which takes lists and which only take one item.

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