Add Shared Parameters to Family without Possibly Creating New Ones

So I have a script I was using in 2019 2.0 that worked great for adding parameters into families. The script is using Dan’s Orchid package which will add them in and create them if they don’t exist. I’ve had no real problem with it until I decided to upgrade my script to 2.1 for 2020. Some of the nodes like, “Parameter.AddSharedParameter” were unresolved so I had to add them in again. I forgot to set a couple inputs to use levels and I ended up creating a lot of new parameters. I cleaned up my shared parameter file and fixed the script.

Currently I’m the only one using this tool to upgrade our families to a new standard or alter manufacturers families to work correctly, but I want to eventually make this available for people to use on their own. I’m worried about something happening to the script and it creating havoc with our shared parameter. I’m also willing to bet that some people here might notice the issue and choose to try to fix it themselves the wrong way.

Does anyone know of a way of added shared parameters without creating missing ones? I’d rather have an issue with a family than an issue with our shared parameter file.

I believe the author’s preferred way of assisting with that package is through here,

Just wanted to send you in the right direction…

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Thanks John, I’ll probably post something there as well to see if we could get a toggle on create new, but I don’t think this is topic is limited to Orchid necessarily. I’d be happy with suggestions about other packages.

P.S. Colored tabs ETA? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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:grin:Working on some upgrades for Revit 2020, and making a demo reel soon. Appreciate the interest!

Hmm, I would have to verify what you are doing. But hopefully someone else can add their thoughts. If this is a batching type of operation, I tend to avoid those in Dynamo and use Revit Addins / API. Dynamo was designed to work on the current document, and while we can technically switch documents with background open workflows, it is very not supported and difficult to maintain.

Does this work on the current family or several families?

So the intent of the script is to take a manufacturers model for things that we typically don’t have standard families for (Like AHUs) and add our parameters so that we can schedule them reliably and quickly. So it is intended to work in the currently opened family. I attached it if you want to poke around. This is the 2.1 version and I left the unresolved nodes as references.

Revit Dev - Family Add Shared MECH.dyn (288.3 KB)

Another P.S. Your bulk upgrade node is killer!

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Good info to know. No promises, but I will see if I have a chance to look at it.

If anyone is curious, erfajo added a node that adds parameters without creating missing ones. The orchid package was updated a few days ago.