Add shared parameter node

hi everybody,
before in revit 2014 add shared parameter node was work with me and success to create parameter and group , but now in revit 2016 with dynamo 1.0 it gives null in result .

what is solution for this problem ?
thank u in advance


It might be due to new API methods changes.

So , do we have any fixation for it ? or still in process?

Fix is here Add Parameter.dyn (13.4 KB)

Good Luck!

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Thank you very much, boss , I will try it and give you feedback

KulKul ,
Could you share the excel file also,please, To know how to arrange the required data in it ?

You can just feed your list of:

  1. Parameter names IN[0]
  2. Parameter Types IN[1]
  3. Category Name IN[2]
  4. Parameter Group IN[3]

Unfortunately not work and give me error (Warning: IronPythonEvaluator.EvaluateIronPythonScript operation failed.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 93, in
AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘Count’)

Maybe the problem in Revit 2016 ,before it was work well with me in Revit 2014

Mustafa, try to feed in a list into each input.

Kulkul, I just tried your script and get the same result as Mustafa.
It looks like there is a chunk of your data in the excel. Can you upload the excel with one complete entry?

Unfortunately same result , Neil

@Mustafa_Mahmoud @Neil_Reilly Wait until @Konrad_K_Sobon reply to this issue.

[quote=“Kulkul, post:4, topic:4273”]
Fix is here Add Parameter.dyn (13.4 KB)
[/quote]Could you post a sample Excel file that goes with that, @Kulkul?

@truevis @Mustafa_Mahmoud @Neil_Reilly Unfortunately it is in different language. That’s the reason i am not posting excel file.

No problem we can translate it :slight_smile:

We are interested in its format, not its content. You can put “a” “b” “c” or whatever.

@truevis @Mustafa_Mahmoud @Neil_Reilly This script is quite old. I just tested now its gives me some error may be due to the Revit API changes. Give me sometime i am working on this for you guys. Hoping to fix this bad boy :grin: and post the result.


@Kulkul we are waiting for you boss ,you are the man , you can do it

I am hoping for an answer as I could not get the node itself to completely work: Add Shared Parameter to Project?