Add Shared parameter Familytype:

I can create almost all types of parameters. Except the Familytype (needed if you want to change nested family with parameters) Is there a way to do it?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jan Willem,

somebody explained me this is impossible in Revit.

A reach-around would be to have all the instances in place, and then manage it by as many yes / no parameters as there are families whose presence you want to manage.

So I keep an eye on this tread…

Hi Willem

Thanks for the reply, i disagree. In revit it is possible i try to make it in dynamo. I have to do this often.

My working methode:

  1. first make sh parameters with dynamo (Now i change the SH file after i make the parameters so I can use FAMILYTYPE)
  2. I add by hand all the (familytype) parameters (sh parameter is easier) (i like to do this with dynamo but how??)
    3, then I add some formulas to the parameters see the pics.

Greetings Jan-Willem

Use Parameter Types node and select “FamilyTypes”

Form with package? or in de project environment.
I am in the family…

It is a built-in node. In Dropdown menu you should select “FamilyType”
After that you should set the parameter value with that family types.

Do you have an example? I really do not get.
Al list of the family types? Tomorrow i try again.