Creating family type parameters in Dnamo


I have 5 different family type parameters which I want to add to my existing families (generic models) in my project.
4 Yes/no type parameters categorized in Fire protection
1 Integer type parameter categorized in Fire protection

In my case there are like 50-100 generic models family which i have to add these 5 family type parameters. If i do this manually it cost a lot of time. I’ve tried something in dynamo but I couldn’t manage to solve the problem.

Someone got a solution to this problem?

If you want to do that for an specific model, you can add the parameters to all the families in the category (or categories) in Revit (Manage>Project Parameters). Then it,s quite easy to set the value with Dynamo. I have a node “Cambiar parámetros de familia” (Change family parameters) in my package, DominaDynamo. It consists on this simple script.

If you have revit in english, you have to write “Type” instaed of “Tipo”
I hope it helps