Add parameters in family

How add parameters in family/families (from path)?

i am find this:
but im cant use that…

and this topic about delete parameters from family (solved) :

@til.shviger If I’m understanding correctly, mostly based on the links you shared, you are trying to add parameters to a family document while in a project environment? If yes, the DanEDU Dynamo package has nodes that will allow you to do this. See this link for example of the nodes in that package and how to use them:


Thanks for the help )
I’ll study it

node ListParameterType not working :frowning: (revit 2017, dynamo1.3)

Can you share an image of your graph so we can see what is not working and what errors you are receiving?

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Hi all,

I’m not completely sure…
But i think the input groupName and group of the “DanEDU.FamilyDocument.AddSharedParameter” node can’t handle lists as input.
For the “DanEDU.FamilyDocument.CreateParameter” i think this applies for the type and group input.
I’m not a Python coder, so i can’t fuly understand the code of the above nodes.
Maybe @erfajo can explain if the above assumption is true.

Kind regards,

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Hard to tell what is the issue here.
@til.shviger could you post a screenshot of your graph so we know what we are talking about exactly?
Thanks :slight_smile:


im want to use this method

@til.shviger That method is utilized within the DanEDU.FamilyDocument.AddSharedParameters node in the DanEDU Package. If you download that package you could just use this node:

@awilliams , im use them but im give mistake, one moment, i post a screenshot …

@til.shviger I don’t have the package that includes the Py.BuiltInParameterGroup node, but it looks like it is expecting an input and without an input it is giving you a null value, so you are giving the FamilyDocument.AddSharedParameter node a null value for parameter group. Try using the OOTB node Select BuiltIn Parameter Group.

Also I’m not sure that you are giving the correct inputs for parameterName (IN[1]) and groupName (IN[2]) based on your mark up text. Where you are pointing “new create parameter” to should be the name of a parameter that exists in your Shared Parameter file. Where you are pointing “exist parameter in share parameter list” to should be the name of the Parameter Group that the parameter belongs to.

Note what I wrote in the Code Block nodes here:



Ah okay those inputs are correct then :slight_smile:

Try replacing your Py.BuiltInPatameterGroup node with the Select BuiltIn Parameter Group node for the group input (IN[3]), it should work!

Yes select that way!

unfortunately , no

I think it’s time to cry

Hmm, strange, but not time to cry yet, lol! - that node’s script is built to supply an error message if it fails, not a null value. Have you opened the rfa file to see if the parameter was added?

Also, I have found that when using the Background Open and Close nodes, I have to close and reopen Dynamo between running the script, otherwise they start to misbehave… So if you check your rfa file and see that the parameters didn’t get added, close and reopen Dynamo and try running your script again.

EDIT: @til.shviger I just noticed your note saying “the process has hung” - that tells me you are probably experiencing the issue with the Background Open and Close nodes I described above. If you close and reopen Dynamo, and rerun your script, it should work!! :slight_smile:

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not change…
thanks for you time :wink:
im will try more ways…

@awilliams may be you can try this method (in your project) at the free time?