Remove parameters from families in a directory

I have been reading on this post:

the problem is i don’t know what parameters exist in the families…i have a complete list of possible parameters.
So i need to read the parameters of the family then check with the list do a boolean check before i feed it into the deleteparameter node.

but how?


maybe a dictionary can help you

what do you mean…don’t follow…doesn’t ring a bell

A dictionary stores a key, and returns its corresponding value if called
So, if parameter exists, return Yes

the problem is more…how do i get the parameters of the opend document

Hi @Arno_De_Lange,

Maybe @erfajo author of the Orchid package (former DanEDU) can help you with this one.

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Sorry for being late, but I am building a new hardwood terrace these days at my house… so there is not that much time for playing around with Dynamo :slight_smile:

@Arno_De_Lange, do you by any chance have a default family type in your document? If not then this will give errors. It is a kind of strange that Revit can handle to make families that don’t have a default family. But using the methods in csharp cant handle that. In those cases, you need to establish a default family. Instead of building this feature into each node have I created a generic node for this.

try to see here…


thank you for responding…there are more things in live then Dynamo and Revit…hopefully you can enjoy your terrace soon and work on it with a cold beer.

i am not sure what you mean with a default family type…what is a default family…you mean a family just out of the basic directory…i do have a family that is adjusted added parameters and object styles…so that gives problems…?

Try this logic:

  1. load your family document in an empty project.
  2. insert family types node in dynamo
  3. select the family type
  4. insert “All elements of family type”
  5. Insert “Element.Parameters” node to see the possible list of family parameters that your family document has.

check for the parameter list that you have by using “Element.Parameter.exists” node by passing the list and getting the true or false as outputs.

Finally, I finished the terrace… you are right, there is a life outside forum :slight_smile:

Try to see below… this family has no default type. The field with type names is grayed out. This is a most common way families look like if you have your types stored in txt files.

If you have types, then it would look like this. The type the family is saved with last is the default type.

The problem is, that there must exist one type at least! This is the one you need to ensure is present.


Sorry for not being aware of the original question, but @MJB-online made me aware of this while he suggested me to make a node for getting the FamilyDocument parameters. He was completely right, that one is missing :slight_smile:

New version of the Orchid package is available --> 130.2.07 and 200.2.07