Add number to duct system or pipe system


I have duct system ( air terminal, duct, duct fitting, etc.) I would like to add a number in order of connection

first one air terminal A1
flex duct A2
duct A3

second air termainal B2
fles duct B2
duct B3


Is it possible ? If not I would like to add un number for every element I select in revit without to do :

select objet,
go to proprieties palette,
add un number in "Comments"
add a tag

select un other objet… maybe this could help get you moving

Here’s a script that might be of help, it won’t do exactly what you want but it’s probably in the right direction.

Duct system number all elements.dyn (9.0 KB)

Do you have a file numbering the location of the splitted ducts? please help