AdaptiveComponents.ByPoints : The Argument have issues

Good Day,

I am trying to build 4 points adaptive rvt family using AdaptiveComponents.ByPoints, i have checked that the revit family is in clockwise order so does the points in each list. Please advise on where was the issue.

MST.dyn (154.0 KB)

4PADA3.rfa (360 KB)

Hi, i downloaded your family and your dynamo but with no explication who to use it it’s difficult to run your programme.

I also use AdaptiveComponentByPoint in my prog., are you sure the points you give to place your family is in a right order ?

your famly avec point like this :

1 4
2 3

it can’t work if prog. place it like this :

1 4
3 2

Issue still persist. Please advise


MST.dyn (154.0 KB)

i see no difference in your prog. … I don’t know what i have to select to make it work :

Do you know you have to load your family in an other adaptive family to use it ?

Oops, apology. Its a revit file.

Thanks :smile:

i select your edge as you can see on the screenshot. The green arrow is where i start and how i turn.

Problem is, there is no points on the dynamo.

This is a complexe prog. i’m sorry if I don’t understand it clearly.

What i have to do to obtain the same think as you first screen ?

Its alright. I will start a new topic with clear information

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