How do I make dynamo "forget" what it did in a previous section?

Ever since I updated to 1.2.0, I noticed dynamo started to remember what it did in a previous section. For example, I have a script that places adaptive components. After using it to place adaptive component A, B, and C, I save and close off dynamo, The next time I open and run the same script to place component D, E and F, it still remembers A, B, and C and would delete them. Currently my work around is to not save the script after placing the Revit elements, or to cut and paste in same location so that they would have a different element ID.
I hope there is a better way out there to fix this because many times I would for get to do either of the above and having to repeat the work. I guess it makes sense in some situations but I would really love the option of turning this feature off.

Thanks guys,

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Hello, basically, you will need to re-run while disconnected and then undo in Revit, just take a look here:

Awesome thanks. I will give it a try!

I finally found the author of this nice tip:

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Hi guys, a little sidenote maybe, but if you’re using custom nodes that is Python based you can also utilize the tip here: Circumvent Revit Object “replacement” with replacing the boolean value in ToDSType(bool)

I wish I could, but I keep this in my notes for later, thanks for sharing :relaxed:

Hi, I used to use similar workaround (quit and restart Dynamo again, or disconnect note > re-run > Ctrl+Z > connect note > run), and it worked fine. I was able to generate new elements using the same Dynamo script.

However today (Feb 15th, 2017), when I was using Dynamo (1.2) to generate new items, it always replace the old element. Even when I close and restart Revit (detach file), Dynamo still remember the element that created last time, so it will replace it with the new element when I run it again.

I’m wondering is this something changed in Dynamo 1.2 ? Does anyone have this similar problem?

Dear Lazy BIM,

I got the same issue recently but I have also happily found that with the new version of Revit 2018.1 and the new Dynamo Player you can run multiple times the same tool on different elements. It does not update the ID selection but it will keep the previous “bake”.
Worths to give a try if you can

Problem persists even in 2019…2.0.2…Dynamo Player seems to be the answer. Thanks mmagnani