Adaptive Component Instance Revit Crash

Hi friends,

I am running into a puzzling issue that causes Revit 2019 and Dynamo 2.0.4 to crash.

I have a graph built that places instances of an adaptive component family in a project. The family itself contains a nested non-adaptive family within it. There are instance parameters within the nested family that, when tied to the main AC family, causes the Dynamo graph to crash Revit. When the parameters are not linked, the operation works as intended.

AC Testing.dyn (24.7 KB)

Nested Adaptive Test.rfa (640 KB)

Is this some kind of fundamental incompatibility with AC/non-AC family parameters? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome… thanks!

Can you place the AC manually in Revit?

Revit crashes are easiest to diagnose with the Revit journal. Can you provide one from a crashed session?

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Hot off the press! A fresh journal log:

journal.0260.txt (249.8 KB)

From the dump file:

CollaborateShellFolder::SetPIDL(PIDL 0x8b1b31e0) Root 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

dump.0069.txt (92 Bytes)

A second observation: The crash event seems to be directly tied to creating new family types for the placed AC family (when the AC family has linked parameters with its nested sub families)

I forgot to address your first question - I have no issue placing the family manually in Revit.

Looks like you will need to set the parameters in the family document first, then add your AC family.

’ 8:< MODIFICATION IS FORBIDDEN: Element modification is forbidden because it is a member of a family, and that family is not being edited.

Are these instance or type parameters?

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All type based parameters.

Your suggestion is a good one: by creating the family types within the family document, then loading, it resolves the crash event.

However, it is still crashing Revit when I add operations after creating my AC instances. I interpret this to maybe mean that any parameter data within the families needs to be modified prior to loading/placing the AC instances…?

Well this is interesting. After looking through the journal file there were multiple lines calling out:

Unnecessary nesting;Family\FamilyDocument

After doing some research, I stripped out all my Revit add-ins to see what happens when I run the graph. It works. Adding them back in one by one, I have isolated the conflict to PyRevit.

I wasnt aware of PyRevit possibly not playing nice with Dynamo, but that does appear to be the root of the issue here.

This is a false flag mostly, and definitely in the journal you posted.

PyRevit with the current version should work fine, so check for updates.