Place adaptive components and injecting them parameter values


We have this situation here: I built a graph for placing three copies of the same adaptive family and, at the same time, injecting them parameter values, of Instance and Type (the families being already embedded with the respective parameters). All the values are being taken from an Excel file, providing information on three families of the same type which have to be placed with Dynamo: parameters and coordinates of the adaptive points (3 per family).
Problem: I have managed either to place the 3 families (one per location) but they display the same instance parameters (taken only from the first line of the Excel file, which corresponds to the first family to be placed) or to place in each location all the 3 families, superimposed (so a total of 9) and, in this latter case, for the same location the instance parameters are differentiate or the 3 overlapped families placed in each one of the 3 locations).
What I need help for: obviously, I would like to have 3 families, in 3 different locations, with 3 different sets of instance parameters. Thank you in advance.

The links provide the Dynamo graph, the Revit file containing the adaptive family and the Excel file with the information needed for the graph:

Placing adaptive family and injecting parameter values.dyn (126.4 KB)
Project adaptive family.rvt (1.6 MB)
Excel file.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Sounds like an issue of lacing/levels and list management. Can you share an image of your graph with previews turned on so we can see what’s happening and where you may be having issues?

Hello Nick,
Here’s the screen capture with previews. Thanks.

Your elements are in an embedded list. They’ll need to be flattened, but I think that’s about it.

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It worked ! Thank you, Nick_Boyts.