Adaptive Component Axes compared to Global Revit

Hi All,

I’ve been working on a family to be able to insert a flat rectangular duct into Revit based on coordinates. At the most simple case it would be 2 points with a line between.

The profile is a Mass element to extrude along the reference line.

The issue I have, is that when creating the family, I place the mass in landscape orientation at the start point and create shape along the line. All good so far.

When I load into Revit, it ALWAYS comes in portrait orientation. I’ve tried all combinations of using Global xyz, host, etc etc but nothing works. I now have inserted into my family in portrait mode and it “works” in Revit to be landscape. It’s a fix, but I don’t understand why the Z axis of the point isn’t fixing the orientation of my profile.

Second part - for my more complicated versions, I may have 3 or 4 points with a curve to points to generate the profile. Typically this only varies in the Z axis, so on plan, the duct should run in a straight line. In Revit however, even though each point is perfectly in a straight line, the duct itself at the starting point isn’t orthogonal and fixed to the adaptive point plane, so the whole duct has a horizontal ‘wobble’ through each point. I’m not sure whether it’s the placing via Dynamo or just the family so will be posting this on Revit forums too.

Any ideas?