Accessing the Structure Assembly Information

Hello all,

Is it possible in Dynamo to access the structural assembly information of the wall. Like the Thermal layer, Substrate, Structure etc. Since its a type parameter I tried using the “Wombat”, still could not get its property value.


I have been using clockwork subcategories node to export all object styles/categories/subcategories to excel and these structural layers layers show up in the lists for walls, floors and ceilings. Still haven’t figured out how to reveal all their properties though (noob).

Hi try this …maybe it will help.

@4bimfercesp where does your script show the strutural layer info the OP is searching for?

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@Elton_Williams Use “FamilyTypeCoumpoundStructureLayers” custom node from clockwork package.


A python solution - calling the compoundstructure of a walltype and the properties of a compoundstructurelayer.

1.dyn (4.4 KB)

Thanks a lot everyone for your Solutions.

@yyi the code is hard to read and didn’t work in my case.

From your screenshots I think the issue is that the first and the second layer has no material assigned (use default material instead). So get-material-element-by-id in my case won’t work. Maybe I should have put a safety net to catch it - but anyway, glad you solve it.

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Ah I see the problem now. Well I didn’t solve it just got the help from you all :slight_smile: