Absolute Noob question

Hi Folks, as the title suggests I’m just starting to try and understand Dynamo.

I have searched the forum and found a script that looked like it might do what I need but it seems to be missing something.

What I thought I’d try and do is write a script to insert a detail item into the current view. In this case it is a break line i’m trying to insert.
I can get the script to select the component but I can’t seem to get it to insert it in the view.

Has someone got a similar script they would be willing to share that I can use as a reference?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @steve2P376

There is a custom node from clockwork package called “FamilyInstance.ByPointView” that will get you started.

Hi @Kulkul,
Thanks for your help.
OK, I’ve got it working.

Now what I’d like to do is insert a custom break family that we have that requires the user to select 2 points in the view. The current workflow is to “Place Component” => select the break family from the family list => Select endpoint 1 => Select endpoint 2.

I think part of my difficulty with learning Dynamo is that I don’t really know what to search for to try to solve my problem… I guess I’ll learn it before too long


Could you drop here your custom break family.

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We’ll definitely need the family to know how to place it, but my guess is a “detail item from curve” node will do the trick, though I can’t recall the spelling.

If you haven’t already, run through the Dynamo Primer. Go cover to cover. Skip nothing. It goes over a lot of useful stuff which will help you learn what to look for, and how to think about the problems you’re facing in a foundational way. So again don’t skip any lesson, even if you think you won’t need something - it’s the concepts that are important not the exercises.

Thanks for the advice,
@JacobSmall, I have just downloaded the primer so I’ll spend some time reading through that.

Before I upload the family, I’ll see if I can solve it after reading the primer. I’ll post back if I have any questions, or success.

The primer shouldn’t just be a reading exercise - it’s a doing exercise. If you just read it you’ll miss something - it’s very likely that this isn’t a language/thought process you’ve used before. So:

There is no read. Only do.

Also, just so I don’t forget…

DetailComponent.ByCurve is in the clockwork package. :wink:

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