Need to quit dynamo every time my script creates a detail element?



I am using Clockwork’s FamilyInstance.ByCurve node to create a line based detail family on a view.

However, the next time I run the script, Revit simply moves the previously created instance to the new position, instead of creating a new instance in the new position.

To avoid this I have to close and reopen the script.

Any better way?

thank you


Hi Giovanni,

There’s actually another node in clockwork that might be better suited for line based detail components - “DetailComponent.ByCurve”.

Ideally, you’d want to build a graph that can populate all positions in one go. However that’s easier said than done.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can open the custom node and change line 25 to " elementlist.append(newobj) " . That way every time you press run, new content will be created.

Keep in mind that you will most likely end up with duplicate elements on top of each other using the script this way.


thank you, the correction worked, and now I can re-run the script with different parameters in th esame view / session, and new detail elements will be correctly placed… Excellent.

Also, “DetailComponent.ByCurve” did work better… Sometimes, “FamilyInstance.ByCurve” would try to place the detail family as a model element, resulting in the weird situation when the detail item was placed on the current workset, instead of the current View workset. I had to select using ID, then cut and paste in current view, then the detial would show…

Thank you again