About Dynamo updating changes in multiple Revit entities

One of the issues remaining in 0.7 (to be solved soon, I suppose) is that Dynamo updates the geometry when the selected entities are modified in Revit.

With Select Model Element, the update is working quite well now (at least with the kind of elements I normally “play” with, these days). But with Select Model ElementS, the update is not working. You must select again or close the dynamo file and open again (Dynamo remember the entities). But I just discover a possible temporal solution until this is solved. And I would like to share it here.

The node/method Revit>Elements>Element>Geometry is giving you all the geometry related to the Revit entity. It is a fantastic way of extracting any geometry you need without having to look for the custom method (like one for extracting points from ref points, or one for extracting curves from model curves). When applied to a family instance, and for example this family is having inside 20 curves, it will give you the 20 curves. If you have selected the family instance with Select Model Element, Dynamo will update perfectly any change you made in the 20 curves.

Depends of what you are doing this can be useful. For example if you are playing with splines in a conceptual mass, it can help a lot. And I have noticed that Dynamo seems faster and more stable when taking the geometry form Revit in this way, than selecting the entities directly in the family environment ( although I have to test this a bit more to be sure )