About Checking type parameter in component

any ideas to make script to check which element or instance of this family inserted in Revit Project has not met the required criteria, and even draw a circle around that incorrect element.

Like what is here in Video
Automation in Dynamo _ Checking Type Parameters in Component Family - YouTube

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Sounds like you would just work through criteria one by one. Elements that don’t meet the criteria get filtered out. Elements that do meet the criteria move on to the next check as the process repeats itself.

Thank you for your answer,

Mainly my question is about How can i put this circle in on the Element in the revit? what is the node name that i can use or search about it?

Thanks in advance

You can create the circle in Dynamo with any of the Circle nodes. Then you would convert the Dynamo curves to Revit curves with ModelCurve.ByCurve.