3D Preview off grid?

I’m having issues with points and lines not displaying in the 3d preview if it doesn’t fit on the grid, here you can see I’m creating 5 lines but only 3 show in the preview.

Is this the intended behavior? If so, can I change the extents of the grid or the scale of my geometry?

Thanks, Lucas

Not the intended behavior.

My guess is that there are lines atop of lines, or that the lines are very small and look like points. Try disabling all geometry preview (select all the nodes, right click the workspace background, select the disable preview option), and turn back on the preview for just this node. That will confirm if it’s an overlap issue or not.

If it isn’t an overlapping issue, try taking the set of start and end point XYZ values and use those to recreate the issue. If that recreates post the result here. If it doesn’t recreate, post graph and required data to reproduce here.

i had my logic wrong, it was under some lines, oops