No display No grid in dynamo window


I’m having the issue that in dynamo background preview, there’s no display nor grid. The data and program is processed correctly. My dynamo is the updated version Preview is turned on. “Show grid”, “Background preview”, “Default background preview” are all ticked. All different geometry scales are tried. Wondering is there anything to do with my graphic card? Please help if anyone get any idea of this. Thanks!

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Check if every prerequisite is installed, most importantly directx:

are you using secondary screens ?

Yes, I am. But it works before on my secondary screens.

if you are using a secondary monitor \ dock station try to launch dynamo before connecting them.
I use a laptop + dock station and if I don`t do this, the dynamo preview is not working.

Hi Everyone.

I have fixed the problem. I tried different ways to fix that so not sure which one worked.

  1. uninstall and reinstall dynamo
  2. Update civil 3d to the latest
  3. launch dynamo before connecting secondary screen.

Thanks Simon and Infeeee for your help.

the number 3 is easy to check out as it would occur every time. Let us know.