3D Polyline to Pipe


As people might quickly realise I am very new to using Revit AND Dynamo. Lurking in this forum I managed to challenge a task I am trying to accomplish further than I thought. I link a CAD file with 3D polylines (nothing else is in this DWG file) and want to create pipe from those 3D polylines

Searching through the forum got me as far as to (what I thought was) finish line but for some reason when dynamo creates the pipes the list consists of several “null” pipes.

Could someone point me in the right direction where I am making my mistake and failing? Thanks in advance!

This is one of my oldest scripts. First link a CAD file into Revit and use that to convert into wide flange steel framing at a certain level. Feel free to play with it for your piping challenge.

CAD to Revit_Structural nodes.dyn (173.7 KB)

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Try opening up the custom node for creating the pipes, and copy the Python node contained within, switch back to your workspace and paste it in. Then wire it in as if it were the custom node. You may need to make a few other adjustments as well based on the contents of the custom node, but this should give you a better understanding of what is happening.

thanks for the help so far. it got me further. after i copied the python node out, magically both of them were working (even the non exploded one)
in dynamo the pipes get created now:

strangely in revit i get the following error (and no pipes get created):

any idea what i am doing wrong?

That may be due to multiple instances in the same place creating bad data. Delete the python version and try again.

thank you so mucht, it worked :clap:

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