Create Pipe or duct from dwg

I would like to create pipe or duct from DWG link (line or polyline).

Do you have an idea ?

Hi @c.barribaud

Try this Create Duct From CAD.dyn (7.6 KB)
DYN script. Below is the process in action:



Trying you DYN script on REVIT 2016 with dynamo 1.2, I have somme errors:

Polycurve.Curves :

Warning: No function called Curves on a
  Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Line that takes __array could be

Curve.StartPoint : 

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

Curve.EndPoint : 

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

Create Duct : 

Warning: IronPythonEvaluator.EvaluateIronPythonScript operation

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "<string>", line 36, in <module>

TypeError: NoneType is not iterable

On which REVIT and dynamo version does it work ?

Do you have an idea about my errors ?

Hi Kulkul,
I get the following error. I am newbie sorry for silly question but if there is any package I need to download please let me know

Current Document Custom Note: Error: Custom node definition is not loaded!

Another question can I use conduits instead of ducts?

Thank you so much @Kulkul for sharing the good work. I’ve be struggling to design the graph by myself. Hope I’ll now complete my work by using your example. Many thanks, stay blessed : - )

If it is done according to different sizes, that’s fine